To The Ocean Where I Belong Collection

There isn’t anywhere I’d love to be more than the beach. In the ocean to be exact. Swimming in a seemingly endless ocean just cleanses my soul. I feel at one with the universe. Anytime I find myself out in the big blue, I swim from sunup to sun down. 


This collection features Rose Quartz, Pearl, Aquamarine, real coral and real seashells. 


It’s befitting that rose quartz makes an appearance in this collection considering how in love with the ocean I am. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. Rose quartz opens and calms the heart removing anger and jealousy while replacing them with self love and deep healing.


Aquamarine is the gemstone of the sea. While displaying the soothing color of the ocean, this gemstone summons the calm and relaxation of the sea. Known as the guardian talisman of all adventures, wanderers, and explorers it was Used centuries ago by seamen during their travels. 


Aquamarine represents fearlessness, freedom, eternal youth, empowerment, regeneration, rebearth, and letting go. It brings out the courageous daredevil in you. The ocean offers much opportunity for adventure. Cliff diving, snorkeling, parasailing or just a relaxing sunset cruise on a catamaran awakens your gutsy side. We must live each day like we are beachside, calm and free!


Seashells, coral, and Pearls come directly from the sea. Pearls are created within the shell of a living mollusk . They are the only gemstones made from a living creature. When an irritant finds its way into the shell, much like a splinter, the mollusk covers it with a hardened substance to protect itself. Pearls represent protection, wealth, wisdom, generosity and loyalty. Pearls also brings about a calming effect. 

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