The Phoenix's Lair

The Phoenix is a perfect representation of
what I believe we can become..

The Phoenix was a mythical majestic bird that lived hundreds of years at a time before its self inflicted death. It’s halo lit up the sky as it soared, displaying the beautiful scarlet, amethyst, and gold of its feathers. Throughout its life the Phoenix collected branches, twigs, and spices to build a nest that would ultimately serve as its pyre. When the Phoenix felt its end was near, it would ignite the nest and perish in the flames. From the ashes, a new Phoenix would arise, powerful and prepared to rule the skies. Before the young Phoenix would fly free it paid its respects to the predecessor by gathering the ashes in a hollowed out egg of myrrh and flying it to the most high temple.

I like to think that the materials the Phoenix collected for its funeral are like the wisdom we collect throughout our lives. We take a piece here and a piece there until we reach those points in our lives where we transform into our next form. Like the Phoenix, we should do more than just discard the old us. We need to pay homage. We need to show respect for everything we have endured for we would have not reached the point of ascension without them. Only one Phoenix can live at a time. We cannot exist as the new AND old us. We cannot claim to have changed but be stuck in our old destructive ways. And We won’t just change once. We will invent ourselves over and over and over. We will be constantly learning, improving, and searching for our best selves.

The Phoenix represents renewal and restoration to life. I believe no matter what, it’s never too late to transform ourselves. As long as there is air in our lungs we have the energy to gather our twigs and use our newfound fire to burn our old form to ashes. There is no limit to what we can become.

The Phoenix is a perfect representation of what I believe we can become. This is what the Phoenix’s Lair stands for. Collecting knowledge from life’s experiences, setting fire to the person you used to be, paying hommage to the trials you have endured, and emerging a powerful being ready to transform the Earth. My jewelry is made to empower you and remind you that the world can be yours. Every time you put on a piece of Phoenix’s Lair jewelry you will remember that you are a Phoenix. Now let’s begin building that nest….

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