The Instinct Collection

This collection is to bring out the raw savage in you. That go-getter who makes a way out of no way. You always make it happen and never give in to defeat. In this world, you have to stay focused on your goals and pound the pavement. Wearing pieces from this collection reminds you to keep that fire within. 


This collection features Onyx, Lava,  and Tiger’s Eye gemstones


Lava is grounding at its finest.

It is literally a piece of earth.

It is solidified molten lava made from conditions of intense heat and pressure. How many times have you found yourself under intense heat and pressure? How many times have you made it out stronger and tougher than before? Lava is A new beginning made from the raw energy of the earth. Lava represents rebirth. A new you. A stronger you. A tougher you. You are lava.


Lava is said to activate your root chakra by reducing anger and negativity and increasing calmness, strength, courage, and assertiveness. 


This collection also features the Tiger’s eye gemstone. We all know the meaning of “The Eye of the Tiger”. It’s when you are focused on your goals and nothing can stop you. The fight in your fight or flight response is activated. It’s kill or be killed. Tiger’s Eye stimulates taking action, making decisions, and focusing the mind. Your fear, anxiety, and emotions are cleared while your harmony and balance settle in.

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